Looking for PhP-Mysql Training in Ahmedabad?

Course Topics:

  • PHP Introduction & Installation
  • PHP & HTML Forms
  • PHP Language Basics
  • PHP File Upload
  • PHP Array Functions
  • PHP Date and Time Functions
  • PHP string functions
  • PHP image and mail function
  • PHP file/directory related functions
  • PHP Session functions
  • Basic Login using Session
  • CAPTCHA using Session
  • Form errors & Value Preserve using Session
  • PHP & MySql database handling functions
  • Login Application using MySQL
  • Insert,Display,Update,Delete Operation with MySQL
  • Object Oriented Coding & PDF Generation using PHP
  • Dynamic graph generation using PHP
  • Mini Project - Article Management Application

Instructions for the Course:

There will be approx. 20 sessions during the course.

Duration of each session will be approx. 1 hour.

During 1 hour some teaching as well as discussion will happen along with practical code demonstration.

At end of each session, you will be given some reading as well as practical homework. Homework will be given based on the previous knowledge of programming as well as the discussion during the class. Logical points of the homework will also be discussed to give you hints.

Each session will start with the homework discussion as well as any difficulty you have faced during the homework.

Make sure to spend atleast 2-3 hours everyday for the homework to get it completed satisfactorily.

Make sure to attend all classes.