Looking for Zend in Ahmedabad?

Course: Zend

(1)Introduction to Zend Framework

  • What is a Framework?
  • Model View Controller Architecture
  • What is Zend Framework and Zend Framework2?

(2)Installing The Zend Framework

  • Downloading Zend Framework
  • Installing the Zend Framework
  • Creating a Zend Project
  • Creating a Bootstrap file
  • What is an Action?
  • Adding Controllers and Actions
  • Testing the application

(3)Controllers and Views in Zend

  • The Front Controller
  • Defining Actions
  • Rendering the View in Zend
  • The View Script
  • Redirection in Zend

(4)Forms in Zend

  • The Zend_Form
  • Passing data to other actions
  • Validation and Filtering
  • Decorating the Forms (Decorators)


  • The Zend_Db
  • Querys(statements) in Zend Database
  • Insert, Update, Delete the Data
  • Table Data Gateway Pattern
  • Row Data Gateway Pattern

(6)Authentication and Authorization

  • Zend_Acl
  • Zend_Auth
  • Zend_Auth Adapters

(7)Mailing In Zend

  • Message Retrival
  • Message Sending