The C language provides a capability that enables the user to define a set of ordered data items known as an array

Using array we can be able to defined as number of memory locations, each of which can store the same data type and which can be references through the same variable name..

Two types arrays:

1. Single dimention
2. Multi dimentional

1. We can able to use one name for similar objects and save then with the same name but different indexes.
2. Arrays are very useful when you are working with sequances of the same kind of data
3. Arrays use reference type and so.

1. Sometimes it's not easy to operate with many index arrays.
2. C environment doesn't have checking machism for array sizes.
3. An array uses reference mechanism to work with memory which can cause unstable behaviour of operating system and often even "blus screen" and so on. store the many characters or vales in a single variable.


Strings in C are represented by arrays of characters. The end of the string is marked with a special character, the null character, which is simply the character with the value 0.

String, enclosed in double quotes, C automatically creates an array of characters for us, containing that string, terminated by the \0 character.

char string[] = "Hello, world!";