What is pre-requisite knowledge required?

You must know HTML, C Programming & SQL. If you know Javascript, then its an extra advantage.

What if I don't know HTML, C Programming & Basic SQL?

You must learn all these 3 before you start learning PHP.
We teach HTML, C Programming & Basic SQL also.
HTML - 500 Rs. fee- Duration 1 week
C Programming - 3000 Rs. fee - Duration 4 to 6 weeks
Basic SQL - 2000 Rs. - Duration 2 weeks

How do I join PHP training?

By filling-up registration form & paying 50% advance fee

What is the fee for PHP-MySQL training?

8000 Rs. for Professional/Non-Students
5000 Rs. for Students (Having a valid college identity card only)
4000 Rs. for Online - Email based Program

What is the duration for training?

4 weeks - Every day (5 days in a week-Each session 1 hour) Which are the topics covered in PHP-MySQL training? To know more about PHP-MySQL Course Topics, fill-up the form below:

How many students will be in each batch?

Typically, the batch size will be between 2 to 10.

What will be the timings for the batch?

It can be adjusted according to your convenient time also depending upon the instructor's availability.

Will I get a job placement/assistance after finishing the course?

Yes, it will be provided only if you are intelligent, hard working & dedicated towards learning PHP-MySQL & want to excel yourself in open source technology.

Can I work on a live project?

No, you cannot work on live project initially. You will work on a dummy project(which will be similar to live project) and once you do good work, then only a less critical live project can be assigned to you. However, live project is not guaranteed to any PHP student.

What is the future of PHP-MySQL & open source?

The future is very bright. Please read this article - Do you know that Open source technology is hungry for new college grads. Read Full Article Here - Many big companies - like Yahoo, Google, etc. are already using PHP,Linux etc. Many governments are also pushing open source in their work. Well known institutes like IIM, IITs are using open source technologies etc. Even BIG companies like, Wipro, HCL, Satyam have started to use PHP-MySQL. In small & medium size IT companies, PHP-MySQL programmers are in great demand.

What is the career path for PHP-MySQL & open source?

For a bright & successful career in PHP-MySQL,

  1. You have to be very good programmer(using C & C++ programming).
  2. You have to know HTML very well
  3. You have to know CSS, Javascript & AJAX.
  4. You have to know Linux
  5. You have to know Apache Web Server
  6. You have to keep in touch with Latest technology & trends like - PHP Framework(Zend or CakePHP), Open Source Shopping carts like OsCommerce,Magento, Open source CMS system like Joomla, Drupal etc.
  7. Difference between Magento, Wordpress, Joomla

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