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Course: Drupal
Phase 1 (Administration)

(1)Introduction to CMS

  • What is a Framework?
  • Model View Controller Architecture
  • What is Zend Framework and Zend Framework2?

(2)Installing Drupal

  • Installing WAMP
  • Drupal Installation Requirements
  • Installing Drupal on the local system

(3)Administering Drupal

  • Creating Menus in Drupal
  • Creating Categories for Contents
  • Content Management in Drupal
  • User Management in Drupal
  • Views of Content
  • Front Page Management in Drupal
  • Adding Fields in Content Edit Page

(4)Modules in Drupal

  • Install and Uninstall Modules
  • Use of default modules
  • Popular modules in Drupal

Phase 2 (Development)

(1)Creating and Managing Templates in Drupal

  • How does a theme work?
  • Customizing a template
  • Creating a template

(2)Content types and Views

  • How does the content work?
  • Intro to the Views Module
  • Creating Views
  • Views and Themes
  • Creating Custom Content types

(3)Creating Drupal Modules

  • The module architecture
  • Creating a module
  • Configuring various modules like blog, poll etc
  • Introduction to the E-commerce Module
  • Introduction to drupal hooks
  • Creating Forms in drupal
  • Creating Blocks in drupal

Phase 3 (Applying Drupal)

  • Analysis of a blog management system
  • Theme design
  • Module creation
  • Contact Form
  • User Management