Pointer to Structures

If you have a pointer to a structure, you use the -> symbol to specify a particular entry.
For example:

typedef struct student 
    int age;
    int studentNumber;
    float averageGrade;
    char name[32];
int main()
    //a STUDENT variable
    STUDENT mary;
    //a pointer to a STUDENT variable
    STUDENT * pupil; 
    //assign some values
    mary.age = 14;
    mary.studentNumber = 5678;
    mary.averageGrade = 73;
    //tell pupil to point at mary
    pupil = &mary;
    //Notice in the examples below the use of -> instead of .
    //we can now access members of the mary structure using the pupil pointer
    printf("Mary's student number is %d.\n", pupil->studentNumber);
    //we can also do assignment and all other normal variable operations
    pupil->averageGrade = 86.2;
    printf("Mary's average grade is %f.\n", mary.averageGrade);
    return 0;